The name of this online video poker game not only sounds cool but is also quite accurate. It shows a special electrical grid that looks like the set of a futuristic show. This is the very grid on which all the bonus action happens. Power Grid Poker comes from the game developer, Grand Vision Gaming. They have released many such games with different themes. However, the underlying framework is the same. 

When it comes to playing this online video poker, you might encounter some issues with compatibility. You’ll have to use Firefox or Safari as your browser for this game to load properly. The good news is that this game is fully compatible with mobile devices. Both iOS and Android users would not face any trouble while playing Power Grid Poker.

The full house

You’ll find the screen flashing a message that you need to win with a full house for the power grid bonus. In a way, this is what the game is all about in a nutshell. For those looking for a regular poker win, any normal hand of cards would be fine. It is the full house that needs the most coveted hand. 

The most valuable is the royal flush, of course. The cards you keep and discard would be a deciding factor in your prospect of winning a full house. You’ll have limited control over the frequency that triggers the bonus game. 

Symbols and multipliers

Power Grid Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards. When you activate the bonus game, you’ll have to get across the grid. This should be from the left to the right-hand side. While doing so, you’ll have to collect as many symbols and multipliers as you can. You have four possible symbols to land on in this online video poker game. 

Each of them is randomly positioned on the grid under a switch. These symbols have been marked as free games, high voltage, multiplier, and short circuits. All these symbols also indicate the presence of four multipliers. The game gets over if you land on the short circuit symbol. 

Even if the game is over you’ll retain any of the multipliers or bonuses that have been collected. What would really send you further across the grid is the high voltage symbol. Upon landing on one of these symbols in the final part, you’ll get a 7x multiplier and 20 free games.

Bet higher to win bigger

A maximum bet of 5 coins per game can be set in Power Grid Poker. You’ll have other controls to adjust the game speed, although you won’t need the turbo speed. If you play with the maximum bet and land a royal flush, you’ll get 4,000 coins. The lower value would get you substantially less payout. It’s 250 for a straight flush as well as four-of-a-kind. 

You’ll only be awarded 20 coins upon landing a full house, but you’ll be entered into the bonus game. Two pairs and jacks or better are the other available wins. Each of them would pay you 5 coins.


You’ll truly enjoy playing Power Grid Poker, as it’s a well-designed online casino game. Although it’s not so different from other online video poker games, it has got its bonus game. This would be enough to give gambling enthusiasts an incentive to play. While it might have some compatibility issues with the Chrome browser, it works well on many devices.


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