If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Deuces Wild video poker, you’ll love Loose Deuces. This highly rewarding variant of Deuces Wild is quite easy to play. The 2s are wilds in Loose Deuces, just like its predecessor. They can substitute any of the other cards in the deck for a winning combination. 

As usual, the biggest payout is on the Royal Flush. When you play Loose Deuces video poker, you’ll feel the game getting more interesting and fast-paced.


In this game of online video poker, you get a payout only when you land three-of-a-kind. With the presence of wilds, this would be a bit easier to get this hand. You’d certainly make some huge profits in this game if you use the deuces appropriately.


When you begin to play this online video poker game, you’ll need to focus on your deuces. With each hand, you must count the number of 2s. This would be a determining factor in how you carry out the hand. These are a few basics to get you started. The strategy of this game can get a little crazy. If you have a hand with no deuces and no high cards, your next move is simple. 

According to many of the players, you must discard the entire hand and draw new cards. There’s another school of thought which is in line with this move. Don’t hold one, two, or three high cards that are not related. Neither should you keep three cards to a Straight or a Flush. If you’ve got two pairs, keep one Pair. You’re paid less for a Full House in this particular game. 

So, it would be beneficial for you to go for a better hand by drawing new cards. It doesn’t matter if you have a Straight or a Flush. You should discard the other three cards and keep the deuces if you’ve got two deuces. This is because the payout is quite low. Two deuces here are worth much more in a number of other hands.

You might have a Wild Royal Flush or a Straight Flush. Even if you have any of the two with three deuces, discard the rest and keep the deuces. We’ve already seen the reason. Suppose you have two deuces and four cards to a Straight Flush, discard everything but the deuces. This seems entirely opposite to every other video poker strategy. 

So, you’ll need a little adjustment in your mindset here. If you have a pair but not a deuce, keep the former. Your first choice should be to hold three cards to a Royal Flush upon dealing a Pair. The second would be to hold three cards to a Straight Flush or higher. 

Upon dealing four cards to a Natural Royal Flush or a Wild Royal Flush, don’t consider a Flush. You should not even consider going for a Straight. Go for a Royal combination and keep the four cards. Even if you’ve got three high cards, never keep them. Draw five fresh cards upon discarding your entire hand.


It’s difficult to adhere to some of the strategies recommended for this online video poker. This is because some players would find it very hard to throw away good cards. You need a little change in your way of thinking if you want to be successful at Loose Deuces. Using the strategies that have been mathematically proven for this game would be a good idea.


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