Jackpot Poker is as straight and to the point as any of the video poker games can get. It’s extremely easy to play. The game has no intro screen and doesn’t mess around. However, there are certain things that many players won’t like about this online video poker game. To begin with, it’s not even remotely compatible with smartphones. So, it can easily foil your plan to enjoy video poker using your Android or iOS phone. 

This game has been built using Adobe Flash instead of HTML5. You’ll certainly struggle while trying to load it in the Chrome browser. If you’re using a Firefox browser, you’ll need to click to enable the game. So, you’ll have to be content playing it on your desktop.


This game of online video poker comes from Play’n GO, which is renowned for its gaming software. Many online casinos and poker rooms are powered by its software in recent times. So, you can be assured of a fabulous design. This game takes some time to load. If you leave it unattended for too long, it’ll time out. You’ll then have to reload the page. The scrolling display makes its presence across the top of the paytable. 

No information of note is conveyed by the ticker. The only information it provides is that you can play for free or for real money. Nothing has been provided to disable the scrolling effect. You can find the logo of this game on top left of the screen. It contains brightly colored stars and a stack of gold coins. Although it’s not the best, it certainly works.

The blue background of the game is quite pleasant. It allows the online gamblers to focus on the five cards in front of them. You’d want to set your bet level before getting stuck into the game. The size of the coin can be set to 1 and the number of coins vary between 1 and 5. 

For your convenience, it also provides a max bet button. You have to click ‘deal’ when you’re ready and the five cards would appear. The dealing of cards and clicking of buttons are accompanied by sound effects that are extremely clanky. This makes the game seem like a 16-bit computer game. 

At this stage, the instructions would say ‘choose which cards to hold and then click deal’. That’s all you’ll get as instructions. Jackpot Poker works considerably well on full screen, but its design is far from responsive. When you attempt to shrink the window, the aspect ratio will be disturbed.


Jackpot Poker certainly comes across as a poor performer when compared to the modern games of video poker. You’ll certainly find some positives. One of them is the fact that you might win up to 4,000 coins for scoring a Royal Flush. This makes this casino game worth your time. In all the other aspects, it won’t probably meet your expectations. 

You’ll certainly have far better options with responsive designs and mobile compatibility. Most of the other online video poker games would have smooth animations, sharper graphics, and realistic sound effects.


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